Mission Statement

Protein contrast agents enable non-invasive disease detection with unprecedented sensitivity and accuracy

Inlighta Biosciences

Inlighta is developing novel imaging reagents to detect, and monitor of a broad range of human diseases including various types of primary and metastatic cancers and fibrosis


June 29, 2017 - Dr. Jenny Yang, Regents' Professor at Georgia State University and CEO of Inlighta Biosciences LLC, received a $2 million federal grant to complete additional studies and modifications to ProCA32 gadolinium-based MRI contrast agents used to detect liver cancers. Dr. Yang will lead a research team, in collaboration with Emory University Professor Hans Grosniklaus, to further develop this innovative technology for clinical applications. To accomplish this, she was also awarded an STTR grant from NIH for related studies in liver fibrosis and uveal melanoma.

June 9, 2015 - National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering at the NIH releases News to highlight ProCA32 in early detection of liver metastasis

November 7, 2015 - ProCA.GRPR enables imaging lung and prostate cancer published in Scientific Report by Nature

December 2, 2001 - Inlighta’s publication in Scientific Report by Nature ranked top 11 research breakthrough in Cancer Diagnostics in 2015